By Patricia Minichiello

The day before hunting season opened in Vermont, a doe was shot with a bow and arrow on Eastham Road in Shrewsbury and left to die, game wardens said Monday.

The shooting occurred sometime between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Friday, according to a post on the Vermont Game Warden Association’s Facebook page.

Game Warden Cody Jackman asked anyone with information to call him at 802-867-7012.

Officials at the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife said during bow season licensed hunters can take a doe or a buck, but if the shooting happens the day before, it’s definitely illegal.

“A deer that’s been killed the night before would have rigamortis set in the next day,” said Charlee Drury of the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife. “So it would be very stiff and obvious that it was not just harvested.”

She said game wardens have more jurisdiction than police officers, so they can process and prosecute hunters and fisherman.

In the case of animals found dead in the road or shot and left dead, game wardens do give away the confiscated animals. They are given to people who are on a list, asking for the meat.

“Those would be elderly people, or people who have contacted him to get their name on a list,” Drury said.

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