Staff Report


CLARENDON — Police are investigating a suspect in the case of 45 marijuana plants growing next to a cemetery in Clarendon.

Lt. David Fox of the Rutland County Sheriff’s Dept. said they have a suspect in mind, but are not releasing the person’s name. 

“It’s a little bit of a drawn-out process,” he said. “Can’t really give you a timeline on it.”

The plants were discovered towards the northwest section of the Walker Mountain Road cemetery, just outside of where a fence had been, said Chairman of the Select Board Michael Klopchin.

“In my opinion, the audacity of someone to use the graveyard as a shield… ” he said. “It’s a shame someone would use the cemetery as a shield.”

Klopchin said the sheriff’s department is working on bringing the suspect in.

“I think the way things are going in the county itself, not to mention the state of Vermont, it didn’t surprise me that somebody was pulling some stuff like this.”